Heat PressProtective face masks as a fashionable accessory

Protective face masks as a fashionable accessory

We have long been accustomed to wearing protective masks. And it is clear to many that we will not be able to do without this hygiene protection in the long term.

Now, under the leadership of the renowned yarn developer Coatyarn, 4 textile companies in northern Italy have joined forces to develop a particularly high-quality and innovative protective mask production, including the necessary yarns and a thermofixing unit. The aim was to create a sustainable protective mask that offers excellent filter properties and a high wearing comfort and a high wash resistance. In addition, the solution should be tailored to production by knitting machines in the fashion industry. This is because there is a great need for high-quality solutions and at the same time optimal production conditions are met.

These protective masks are based on the special “TPU Evolution” polyurethane yarn. It is antimicrobial, water-repellent, and extremely breathable. It can be washed an infinite number of times since it does not absorb water or moisture. The protective mask blanks manufactured in the industrial knitting process are shaped by a special heat press fixing process. This task is carried out by a specially developed heat press, which is produced by heat press manufacturer Lotus Press in Milan. Lotus is specialised in the development of customized heat press solutions. Heat presses with either 1 or 3 formers are available for the “Evolution Mask”.

We are happy to share our know-how, which is necessary for the production of these innovative protective masks. We offer solutions for manufacturers of knitwear as well as for customers who are interested in purchasing prefabricated knitting blanks in different designs. If you are interested, please send an email to: info@lotustransfers.de.

At this point, we would like to thank all partners and especially Coatyarn for the creative initiative. This synergistic collaboration has resulted in a unique product. It will help to protect the health of many people without sacrificing comfort, sustainability, and beautiful design. ??
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