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    Reason of return

    Note: If the reason for the return is a supplier error, we will collect the goods from you. Please call +49 (0)30 40 50 45 8 0, or e-mail to arrange for the return of the goods, but if you wish to send the goods, please do not send them freight collect, because freight collects shipments will be rejected by our receiving department.

    Note: If there is no supplier error, please send us (not freight collect!) the goods. We only accept returns of goods as good as new if our delivery is no more than 28 days ago. Generally not to be taken back: shirts and blouses individually packed at the factory after unpacking, underwear and socks. After processing the return, you will receive a credit note for the invoiced value of the goods less 20 % handling costs. (Minimum deduction of 15 Euro). Shipping costs will not be credited.

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