LTS 138 B

Made for personalization of sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags, caps and even sublimation media
  • optionally available cap set and printing plates in various sizes / formats
  • freestanding printing plate offers a comfortable operation
  • acoustic and optical signal indicating to unlock plate
  • clear digital display, offering an easy data setting
  • fast, modular and energy saving heating tech.
  • 2 years warranty on heat press 
  • 10 years on heating system
  • transfer area: 38 x 45 cm
  • alternatively, 40 x 50 cm
10% Off Promotional Offer is until 30.06.2024

10% Off Promotional Offer is until 30.06.2024

LTS 138 B with different plates

Discover your possibilities

Transfer Print
Versatile Heat Press in modular design

Thanks to its modular design, only one single press is required to print on sportswear, shirts, jackets, bags, caps and even various sublimation media. A variety of printing plates in different sizes and formats can be quickly and conveniently interchanged. No extra tools are needed. 

Mikanit 2.0 heating technology

Fast heating and even and constant transfer temperature is guaranteed, as well as extended durability of the heating elements. The heating rods can be exchanged one by one. This represents a very economic as well as sustainable solution.

Benefit from our 10 years warranty on Lotus heating parts. And take advantage of a heating technology that saves energy consumption compared to most competitive heat presses.

Freestanding printing plates

The freestanding printing plate allows you to mount textiles easily in a single layer; only the fabric segment to be printed rests on the support plate. Prints previously applied to the textile remain unaffected, and creases impairing the printing result (usually caused by two layers) are easily avoided.

Simplicity of use

With swivel presses, the heating plate can be swiveled to one side, so that the support plate is no longer covered by it. This simplifies your work process in two respects: first, mounting the textile is even more convenient, and second, you have a clear view of the entire textile, allowing easy positioning of the transfer.

During the transfer process, the smooth-operating pressure arm automatically locks into place, so you don’t have to hold it down continuously. The pressure can be continually adjusted with an easily accessible dial.

Digital display

The clearly arranged digital display allows you to conveniently set and control transfer time and transfer temperature. The digital temperature control includes both audio and clear visual signals to indicate release time – making your work even easier. The digital temperature control includes both, audio and clear visual signals to indicate release time – making your work even easier.


Perfect dimension for printing on various textiles as well as sublimation media. Transfer area: 38 x 45 cm, alternatively 40 x 50 cm as LTS 150 B. 


The ergonomic swinging function ensures a safe working process.

Custom Design & Service

We will be pleased to adjust this heat press to your specific requirements, if desired. 

Feel free to send your own printing samples to our lab if you wish to test this heat press prior to purchase. Or visit our showrooms in Milan or Berlin.

Spare Parts & Accessories of LTS 138 B

Printing plates
Cap set
Spare parts

Technical data of LTS 138 B

Transfer area 38 x 45 cm
Digital timer 0 – 999 sec
Temperature 0 – 250 ° C
Heating output 2000 W
Voltage 220 – 240 V
Weight 45 kg

Benefits of LTS 138 B

Made by Lotus

We manufacture valuable heat presses locally near Milan, with passion and dedication. Since 50 years.

Custom designs

You need a custom designed heat press solution, an accessory or a counsel? We love to help you.

2 years warranty

We trust in our valuable and durable technique and offer a customer friendlly 2 years warranty on Lotus presses.

10 Years warranty

Our customers benefit from a modern Mikanit 2.0 heating technology with an exceptional 10 years warranty.

Low consumption

Our high efficient heating system offers an energy saving operation compared to many competitors.

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